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I wish I were a marshmallow sometimes.


I don't understand the difference between soccer and football.


I'm so lazy...


I'm 15 and a guy, and lately I've been thinking about sex a lot. There are no cute guys I wanna fuck with, so I've seen some guys on Instagram who show their cocks and I direct message them my dick pics. Now I've been skypeing them. First it was a guy from Mexico and now one from Indonesia. We jerk off to each other and pretend to fuck. It's fun, as long as no one catches me


I like him too much and it's horrible!!!


I get really mad at my friend. She always says this really shitty stuff about herself and when I try to say positive things about her she always picks a fight about it. I try to be positive, but god, it pisses me off when she always just gets down on herself about it.


It makes me feel worse to think about the death of my cat than the death of my grandmother


what's it going to take to have her back in my life or somebody like her..I'm getting close to 40 and not so much on my feet, and was hoping to date somebody before I got back on said feet, because it's going to take a minute but I'm needing companionship now. I was saving up to go back to where I moved from, not just for her, for the band also, but I moved here where I am now in love with her. Jenn will always be my first true, real love. I want her happy, even though she...

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I am freaking out. I am legitimately freaking out. I thought all day that it was Wednesday, meaning I had the day off. It's Friday. I had work today and I missed it. I'm freaking out. How am I going to make them believe I actually thought it was Wednesday and that I had no intentions of skipping work? I thought it was Tuesday yesterday. All day yesterday, I was counting down the hours until I was done so I could get to my day off. I completely forgot Wednesday already came. What the fuck did I even do on...

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I have been working at this new place in town. it's a big place. They have all sorts of openings but I decided to start out small and work my way up - it's been good but there was a change in management and now this new guy, he tries his best and it took him a while to know the ropes. Well he flirts alot and has flirted with me plenty of times. I know he just wants to fuck and everyone says that's all he does is just that - fuck around. Well, I'd just love to be...

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