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I can't stop thinking about suicide.


I spilled on the carpet


I am questionably gay and I wanna give my roomate a backrub, except by backrub I mean a handy jay


i am so sad most of the time. i feel terrible. i feel completely judged because of the way i have acted when i have been drinking. i do not drink regularly, but when i do, i tend to get carried away. i feel embarrassed that i have given people the wrong impression of me, and wonder if i could ever restore their thoughts and my thoughts on myself to what i consider normal. am i totally off by thinking that people thing badly about me upon seeing me? am i being paranoid? can i continue to live my life...

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you'd think living in honolulu, Hawaii must be a luxury. the only thing luxurious about it is the weather and some beaches. but its over populated because people fall for the advertisements of hawaii being so perfect but really its not. There are over a million people in Hawaii (about 4,000 sq miles), which is the almost the same amount as people in the state of Maine(about 35,000 sq miles). There is something incredibly wrong with this picture. homeless people from the states save money to buy a one way ticket here so we have a really horrible homeless problem....

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You both are good looking and you both are the object of my erotic day dreams.......... except that your my distant cousin just dangling on the family tree and the other, you have found happiness but at the same time, you look very very gay in your profile pictures - gorgeous men that I can't have................


im searching on the web for any metal illnesses i might have cause my personality is so fucked up im everything im a dick im a sweetheart im aggressive im passive my personality changes with every person i think that is maybe my personality isbeing other personalitys


I wish my boyfriend could support me better than he does. I lost my mom eleven months ago and I still get occasional sad days. Some days I'll just start thinking about my mom and start crying. We were really close, it was sudden, and changed my whole life. I told him that one time, and all he did was ask me over and over if I'm fine, if I'm having dangerous thoughts, should he call someone for me. He only stopped asking when I snapped and shouted at him that every crying fit doesn't mean I want to kill...

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Ok Enough! On a diet, gained 2 lbs, horrible cold, got out of work at 7, dinner at 9, almost every nite, toddler to bed at midnight, just got notice landlord is selling my house, cat started peeing on my rug, boyfriend unemployed ...i give up..seriously...need a break


So mom treated you like shit, but she treated us all like that, I was just too little to understand, then as an adult you say you are going to beat me when I turn 18 because of things I don't even remember doing? Then you lost your kids because you couldn't take care of them, now that I have kids, you make my boy feel bad about being himself and call me a bad mom because I let my kid like Sonic The Hedghog??? Then you call my daughter a sad victim and that she's a welfare kid -...

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